What we do

Insurance Claims Africa is the leading claims preparation and public adjusting company in Southern Africa, working exclusively for the Policyholder.

Investigation, Substantiation and Quantification

Our core business is assisting the Policyholder with large and complex insurance claims. This involves the investigation, substantiation and quantification of a claim. Large claims are unique events in a life cycle of a business and we assess and develop the best approach for each claim, to ensure a successful outcome.


A range of skills and resources

Commercial insurance claims are complex matters and typically require a range of skills and resources to resolve and achieve a positive outcome. Our team are experts in managing the intricacies and many facets of a large, commercial claim and we have the technical resources to steer the claim towards a beneficial result.

Levelling of the playing field

We provide the Insured with comparable expertise to that of the Insurers and the many experts they deploy throughout a claim, which ensures a levelling of the playing field. These experts include attorneys, loss adjusters, forensic investigators, building compliance experts, and forensic accountants.


Unique understanding of the impact

The matters we assist with frequently involve circumstances that are potentially catastrophic loss events for any business. Our experience and depth of expertise, honed over many years, gives us a unique understanding of the impact of this type of disaster on our clients. In a catastrophic loss scenario, the insurance claim becomes the principle financial asset of the business. We are experts in protecting the value of this asset and ensuring that the claim serves as a tool for the recovery of the business.

When dealing with large claims, Insured parties generally encounter challenges in three aspects of the claim, all of which are critical to achieving a successful resolution and ultimately protecting the overall financial health of the business.
Approval from Insurers
Approval from insurers that they accept the claim under the policy
Insurance Claims Africa Assistance

We have a wealth of experience in claims management and identify the critical aspects of the loss circumstances. We appoint experts, at our own cost, to provide opinions and analysis to support the claim. This commonly includes fire scene investigators, compliance experts, structural engineers, attorneys, etc.

Financial Compensation
Achieving appropriate financial compensation for the loss suffered
Insurance Claims Africa Assistance

We invest in understanding the business and the full extent of the financial impact on the business. We prepare claim calculations in conjunction with the Insured, combining our forensic accounting expertise, with the business owner’s knowledge, to accurately quantify and motivate the full extent of the loss.

Timeous Resolution
Achieving timeous resolution of the claim and meaningful cash flow assistance
Insurance Claims Africa Assistance

We proactively work with Insurers to secure meaningful advance and milestone payments for our clients. Our knowledge and experience facilitates the shortest route to the desired outcome.

Important to note that we do not take over the responsibilities of your appointed Broker.
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