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The economic fallout of the pandemic was devastating to all areas of the economy, leaving virtually no business untouched. A large number of policies afforded protection under the policy for losses due to Infectious Diseases. The initial response from Insurers to cover the losses suffered was negative. Many businesses were in financial difficulty and without the technical or financial resources to challenge the Insurers’ decisions to reject claims for losses stemming from Covid-19 and lockdown, ICA took on the challenge and successfully litigated against Insurers. Ultimately we assisted around 800 clients who all benefited from the successful litigation conducted and funded by ICA.

The devastating impact of the pandemic, compounded by Insurers’ refusal to honour their clients’ business interruption claims drove significant media interest, which included a vast number of interviews and articles. ICA, as the primary driving force of the claims against insurers, was at the forefront of this coverage. You can find a sample of the news articles and the court judgments below.

Cape Talk’s the Money Show

Cape Talk’s the Money Show interviews Ryan Woolley and Santam CEO Liza Lambrechts following the Supreme Court of Appeal decision in favor of Policyholders

ENCA interviews Ryan Woolley

ENCA interviews Ryan Woolley on slow payouts by Insurers following court rulings

Sowetan interviews Insurance Claims Africa

Sowetan interviews Insurance Claims Africa following first successful court case for Policyholders in July 2020. This court case set the foundations for Insurance Claims Africa’s approach to compel Insurers to pay the claims.

IOL interviews Santam

IOL interviews Santam and a Professor of Mercantile Law from the University of Pretoria on the Covid related claims. The University of Pretoria recommends for Insured parties to contact Insurance Claims Africa.

CapeTalk 567 AM

July 2021 riots

The damage and financial loss caused by the riots in July 2021 was devastating to many businesses. As a business, we recognised early on that the losses were likely to be paid by SASRIA, the South African state-owned Insurer. We also recognised the need for businesses to get funding in the short term or many would be unable to survive. Having dealt with SASRIA on many previous matters, we engaged directly with them to find practical solutions to get cash into the hands of those businesses who urgently needed it. The profile of the claims and the work that we were doing to assist impacted businesses was covered extensively by the media.

ENCA interviews ICA

ENCA interviews ICA’s Ryan Woolley on ICA’s proposal for swift payments to affected Policyholders to ease immediate cash flow constraints.

The Money Show’s Bruce Whitfield interviews Ryan Woolley

702 interviews Ryan Woolley

702 interviews Ryan Woolley on impact of the July unrest losses on Policyholders and what Policyholders can expect from the claims process with SASRIA.
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