Specialist Loss Assessment Team

We specialize in investigating, assessing, and documenting potential losses arising from an insurance claim on behalf of our clients. Our specialist team of claims professionals will negotiate with your insurer to secure a full, fair and expedited settlement on your behalf.

Integrated Claims Specialists

Preparing and managing complex insurance claims involves multiple steps. The task can prove both frustrating and time consuming. We represent the interests of our clients and work to minimize further business disruption following a claim by handling the entire claims investigation and settlement process on the client's behalf. Our team are skilled in accumulating loss related data and experienced in assessing and measuring losses materializing from a wide range of potential claims, including fires, floods, national disasters, theft and fraud. We have worked extensively throughout Africa handling claims in countries like Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Zambia and others.

Claims Management Expertise

Our experience includes:

• Fires, and related causes
• Floods / Storms
• Loss of profits
• National disasters
• Civil engineering and construction risks
• Machinery breakdowns
• Theft, misappropriation, and employee fraud
• Computer fraud

What We Will Do For You

We will be responsible for the compilation of the entire claim. We will act as intermediary with creditors to prevent undue creditor and bank pressure. We will endeavour to obtain interim payments from the insurers to assist with cash flow.

Practical Guidance

Our specialist team will guide you through the preliminary claims process requirements by:
* Advising you on the collection of appropriate claims related information,
* Guiding you through the process of claiming advance payments from your insurer,
* Compiling, substantiating and submitting the claim to your insurer on your behalf,
* Assisting you in your negotiations with the insurer and the appointed loss adjuster,
* Ensuring you disclose the required policy information.

Unique Approach

While we attempt to accelerate the settlement process, we are also aware that large and complex losses may take several months to finalise and as such, we operate on a "no cure - no pay" basis.

Our Credentials Speak For Themselves:

Major International Hotel

We were engaged to assist the owners in the formulation of the entire loss following a devastating fire in the hotel. This involved a multi-disciplined approach to compute the cost of repairs/replacement to the buildings, plant and machinery, stock, and loss of revenue. The assignment was completed and the loss paid to the insured within 4 months for a value of US$10 million.

Platinum Mining Group

The client's negotiations with the insurer and loss adjusters had broken down following a major smelter incident. We were engaged to re-investigate the circumstances and quantum and after some hard negotiations a loss of US$30 million was paid out.

Historic Clubhouse

The building was destroyed by a serious fire and rendered a constructive total loss. Our professional team quantified the damage to the building and contents within two months and the insurers agreed to a full payment of all aspects of the loss totaling US$9 million within a 3 month period.

Printing Company

A printing company lost its inventory holding of finished goods in a fire. The Loss Adjuster initially argued that the insured was not entitled to any Loss of Profits settlement. We were called in to formulate the Loss of Profits claim which resulted in the Loss Adjuster making an offer of US$4,000 and after further negotiation an eventual settlement of US$100,000 was successfully secured for our client.

International Bank

A major international bank suffered employee fraud and the insurers initial indication was that there was little or no claim. An 18 month investigation resulted in the uncovering of an extensive fraud loss and a settlement of approximately USD $15 million.